Netiquette – a reminder of good manners

Netiquette refers to the ethical behaviour online. This also has a sub topic of what NOT to say online. The internet is an open highway where you are exposed by what you say.  As an example ranting on your Facebook page about how much you hate your job, or simply bad form and attacking peoples comments and being generally rude to others. Just because you are behind a keyboard does not mean that you are invisible. Bad behavior online can cost you your job and you can lose business! Here are some norms to remember:

The Guide to Net Good Manners

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  • You are not alone. Remember people are reading your comments and messages
  • Practice restraint, especially when you think someone insulted you 
  • Forgive other people’s mistakes
  • Using uppercase, exclamation marks, bold and other forms of emphasis may be perceived as yelling. Use them moderately
  • Do not be rude
  • Do not spread junk mail
  • Pick your battles, try to avoid getting involved in senseless arguments
  • Send short, accurate messages
  • In chat rooms – do not interrupt other participants and keep to the subject
  • Use proper English, sms language is not good form, what you say online has a direct influence of what others think of you
  • Avoid internet slang as well such as AFK, LOL, etc

Lets keep it clean Members!



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