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One of the most important ways to keep track of people is to keep track of how they communicate. Today, we all use emails and cellphones, but also social media. With major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we are broadcasting conversations, ideas, articles, views and so on that convey a deeper understanding of who we are. This could also convey potential employees, who display talent, intelligence or skills in areas you might find useful.

This is an area of technology that many should take notice of, as Jeanne Meister at Forbes notes:

“[Some companies use] search tools [to] consider the experience and history mentioned in users’ profiles, but also their use of social networks. These companies can pinpoint users who have updated their bios lately or often, to determine which candidates are getting ready to enter the job market.

“Getting this head start on head hunting is crucial as corporations’ search for top candidates becomes ever more competitive. The goal: finding talent invisible on widely popular social platforms before your competitor does.”

Mashable, in 2010, noted that HR should be primed to use social media to benefit their businesses.

“While part of HR’s role is to mitigate legal risks, another very large component is to help support and cultivate the corporate culture. As social media becomes more defined in the business world, human resources professionals will have a significant opportunity to leverage this powerful medium in many aspects of the business.”

While many parts of HR might be stuck in traditional models, we can’t forget that Millennials themselves are going to start running HR departments. This means they will be more clued up on how to utilise modern technology in an effective way to benefit businesses. As more and more young people start studying human resource management courses, we should see an increase in using technology like social media for recruitment – but also for business and staff maintenance.

But what does this kind of interaction look like. Mashable quotes Mike Kohn, human resources representative at SmithGroup.

“I have participated in knowledge sharing activities like the #aiachat, a monthly tweetchat for professionals in the architecture industry, I have been able to give insight into SmithGroup’s internal culture, I have positioned our firm as a thought leader and raised awareness of our company and I have gotten to know potential talent that might someday be a good fit for our organization.”

Not only is he made aware of potential employees, he’s made his business more enticing to potential employees. This is what it looks like when you keep up-to-date with people and how they communicate, because it benefits your business in many important ways.

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4 thoughts on “The relationship between HR and social media

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    If I may add on the subject of profile photos, I now regularly (virtually daily) reject members who do not upload a personal photo when they apply to join.  We do not accept the company logo or photos of children or pets – no matter how cute, so please tell your friends, colleagues, and others who might want to join.

    As indicated some time ago, we are not chasing member numbers, we have decided upon a ceiling at 10,000 members and I am regularly deleting members to keep the numbers down and those who have not uploaded a personal photo are also on the list to be deleted. Hannes, I’ll put you in charge of quality assuring the actual photos posted :).

    (Just to clarify, the benefit of ICT is that we can obtain a report on member activities.) 

  • Hannes Nel

    Ah, social media. Seeing that one can easily misconstrue emails and comments like this one, I need to warn you in advance that I am only pulling your leg.

    Des and I once suggested that Dr Jax replace her photo with a “more revealing” one because one could hardly see her face. Now that you are contributing quite regularly to Skills Universe, I think you should lose the cape and show us your beautiful hair. I am sure Des will agree.

    On a more serious note – I appointed a Social Media Manager at the beginning of this year because it is, indeed becoming vitally important for businesses to use the tool.