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I’m interested in entering the e-learning content developer/designer field – are there any specific qualifications or certificates that I could “study” to become such?

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2 thoughts on “E-Learning Content Developer

  • Theo Ramlall

    Hi Jackie,

    Perhaps I can answer your question to some extent or point you to possible solutions.

    It would not hurt to learn some basic web-design, start of with HTML & CSS3; wow! don’t panic, it’s easy to learn, can be done on-line & for free. See here: www.htmldog.com

    Htmldog.com is one of the many hundreds of sites offering free on-line training. Way back in 2000’s, at the request of a client & before the “e-learning jargon” became a buzz word, I did create a “training info” site myself, see here:- http://retail.tr-services.co.za/ <—–this is just the blueprint from which I worked, however the full functional package works & is live on the client website. Created in only HTML & CSS s/w

    If you want to learn something “easier”, you can learn Word Press, a CMS web-design package, also free, not hard to learn – I teach the basics in one weekend. All you need is a Win 7 PC, which you can use as a development server and practice WordPress development at home, in your spare time. You do get “plugins” which you can add to your WP site to create more functionality; some are free & some you pay for – however most are free & can be downloaded from the Net. In your case, you can download and enhance your WP site using the “WP Courseware” plugin module to turn your normal WP site into a WordPress Learning Management System.

    The other option in Learning Management System route is to learn Moodle, also free and on-line or you can download and practice on your Win 7 test server PC. This system is widely used by many Universities around the world and in some cases, e.g. Australia, it is used as a “remote classroom learning system” for pupils that live huge distances away from school. You can create a virtual classroom that totally emulates a current school class room, with lectures, quizzes, assignments etc.

    There are more, but I don’t want to befuddle your brain right now, I hope this helps, if you desire more info – please request.