Why study if it is not going to improve your career prospects? 3

This is a question that was asked by many people when they found out that I was enrolled for a Masters Degree. Not even progress to a higher salary scale?

After school I studied because I needed the qualification to become a teacher.  Then I enrolled through UNISA for two qualifications thereafter and the reason was that I wanted to increase my knowledge specifically in the ECD field.

So why did I enroll, already in my fifties, for the Masters of Education in Adult Learning and Education? FOR PERSONAL GROWTH … FOR MYSELF!  It was not easy and at times I felt like giving up.  My late husband’s support and his trust in me kept me going. It took much longer than what I planned but now I can look back and I realize how it added a new dimension in my life – it enriched me.  I was exposed to the latest trends in the field and it increased my knowledge and insights in my field of interest.

One of the greatest values is to see how proud my children are of me and how motivating it is for them.

Some of the members of Skills Universe contributed to my success.  Whenever I was ‘stuck’ and could not find certain information I posted a question and every time there were people that responded … Ashwell guided me to a book that I used a lot, Hannes and Leon responded to questions about civil society, etc.  One person needs to be singled out:  Sylvia!  Thank you for guiding me to documents, policies, etc.

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