Required – Accredited Provider Generic Management SAQA ID 59201 1

Hi all,

Looking for accredited training providers offering skills programmes sitting underneath the qualification ID 59201 (specifically the certificate generic management, certificat skills development management and certificate strategic management).


Also needing someone to align some existing course materials and create an assessment for the unit standards withing those specialities.


Waiting for a response from Service SETA, but thought I could put it out there in the interim.


Please inbox me?

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One thought on “Required – Accredited Provider Generic Management SAQA ID 59201

  • Lynel Farrell

    Hi Angela, I am not sure if you have received any information as yet.  So here goes …….. have you looked/requested from your own SETA (just in case they have extension of scope for this qualification, but is not listed as yet by SAQA).  Have you looked at the ETDP SETA (NQF Support Link) and what about SABPP?  Just an idea!