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I often come across job advertisements requiring “accredited facilitators” and this got me wondering as to exactly what they mean. As with my previous posts, do pardon my ignorance, I’m only a year and a few months old in this industry. My understanding has been that, you get accredited by SETAS as an Assessor and or/Moderator and that anyone with the necessary skills and experience can become a facilitator. Can anyone give clarity on this please? Does being an accredited facilitator mean that you have to send your qualifications to different SETAS? Does it mean you have to have a facilitation qualification? Or does it mean both?


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4 thoughts on “What is an Accredited Facilitator?

  • Lynel Farrell

    Nduduzo, let us get clarity.

    1. Individuals do not get accredited by SETAs, but an learning organisation do.
    2. Individuals who has obtained Assessor/Moderator Unit Standards (ETDP SETA statement of results) can get registered by a SETA if they have the qualifications/expertise of the specific unit standards/skills programmes/learning programmes/qualifications – each SETA has specific requirements and this must be met in order to get registration.
    3. Accredited / Registered Facilitator?  No such thing exist.  You might have completed unit standards within the ETD Qualifications and achieved credits – but you won’t be registered as a Facilitator.  Sometimes ads stipulating “accredited/registered” facilitators are actually means for Facilitators who are registered Assessors/Moderators.

    Also, I must mention the following (I might get some negative retaliation here …..), it does not mean that if you are a registered Assessor/Moderator with a SETA that you can actually stand in front of a class of individuals and facilitate learning! 

  • Theo Ramlall

    I sometimes behold a vision in my mind, of Muhammad Ali approaching the SETA (for sport) to obtain a boxing certificate (accreditation) to prove he can box.

  • Steven Louw

    I think many people advertise in ignorance as the “SAQA-speak” can be very confusing and yet is at the same time very precise. Neither facilitators, assessors nor moderators are accredited. A training (service) provider organisation can be accredited by a quality assurance body (previously known as ETQA and usually situated within a SETA). In order to become accredited there is normally a requirement to have an employment or other relationship with at least one “registered” assessor and moderator. (Often this registration is referred to as “constituent”.) Facilitators on the other hand are often required to be Subject Matter Experts, and in some cases SETAs require a facilitator to have achieved the qualification being facilitated – but these are options which individual SETAs may or may not apply (and they very often change their minds anyway). There is no broad industry-use, or legal requirement, of “accreditation” in relation to facilitators.

  • Molefe Mahape

    Mr. Makhanya I have the same  view as yourself on accreditation and facilitation therefore there is no need to refer to “accredited facilitator” because it is confusing. Thanks. Molefe