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I have very little experience in RPL.  What I have realized over the years that there are many myths and/ or misunderstandings regarding the RPL processes. RPL is a path that we are now investigating and preparing for. 

I googled and found valuable websites, especially regarding ECD RPL in Australia.  I also looked at their diagnostic tool but am not sure what the criteria exactly are for a diagnostic tool.  The purpose of the tool is clear to me but not the contents.

I will appreciate input regarding diagnostic tools, specifically in the ECD field.  If there is also any other information regarding RPL in ECD which people can direct me to it will also be helpful.

I know that UWC has quite a bit of experience in ECD and plan on meeting  a person that did his thesis on RPL in FET Colleges.

Any input will be appreciated!

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7 thoughts on “ECD: Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Wilma de Villiers Post author

    I hope that there will be somebody that could provide me guidance on how one can determine the fee for RPL moderation.  For other moderation we pay R10 per credit.

  • Wilma de Villiers Post author

    Thanks for all the responses.

    Des, I found the SAQA policy.

    Hannes, we have well-experienced ECD people.  I am going to use two of my facilitators who knows the qualification and have years of experience working in the ECD field and at ECD sites. I have enquired about the processes to get accredited.  The ETDP SETA is funding the project and I am sure that they will assist.

    All the reading is a bit challenging – time to do it is quite scarce.

  • Hannes Nel

    James Keevy is no longer working for SAQA – he is now the CEO of a large private provider. Des’s suggestion to read the RPL policy developed by SAQA is the right place to start. You will need to develop your own assessment instruments, though. Your instruments will need to test all the specific outcomes and assessment criteria in the standard or qualification. Your assessors must be experts in ECD if that is what you would like to offer RPL services in. Secondly, you must be accredited to offer the qualifications or unit standards that you wish to offer RPL assessment in. RPL requires lots of preparatory work, but I believe the opportunities in especially ECD are huge. Therefore, just do the necessary work and enjoy the success that should be yours.

  • Des Squire

    Hi Wilma,

    You should read the SAQA national policy on for the implementation of RPL – this may assist. If you cannot find it drop me a mail and I will forward this to you.

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Wilma, one of our members Dr Keevy at SAQA I believe is an expert in the RPL field – suggest that you try contacting him.

     Also on the SAQA site you should find a great deal of information – not sure if relevant to ECD, but I have found the SAQA people very helpful.