Diversity Team Building, or Diversity Training? 2

Would you choose Diversity Team building or Traditional Diversity Training?

Both diversity interventions have a place in the business, or government arenas.

Traditional Diversity Training.

With skills and understanding being developed in this form of diversity training, there are often individual, intellectual changes.

The delegates will get to know why we view the world differently, what historical issues brought about our separation, who is to blame and why we should change.

This can change mindsets, to a lesser or greater degree.

It is not a process that your team will readily attend.

Transformational team building, or diversity team building for diverse, or even conflicted teams

If your goal is to transform relationships, in the workplace, build cross-diversity teamwork and build united professional teams, then the best method is through team building for diverse teams.

The totally inclusive methodology with competition-based learning opens your team up, through fun, to a wonderful world of respect and unity.

The focus is on respect for self and each other, and on how we can live side-by-side in unity and harmony.

Skills are transferred in how to respect each other, how to communicate with each other and how to delight in diversity. Those who are normally silent will gently be enabled to communicate, and those who dominate will learn to listen more than talk.

The transformation, is practical, internalized and built in an instance.

The processes of honouring and recognizing the good, in each other, safely opens the way to clear the past – and open human communication.

Throughout the programme diverse teams work together in a spirit of unity, needing each other to win and valuing themselves and others. 

After the first session your team members will be queueing up to be a part of the programme.

The changes in teams, companies, people and their families are incredible.

Recent feedback from a high-level government executive.

“It was a wonderful, wonderful experience which I value greatly. Thank you for your kindness, dedication and patience with us, I walk away a better person through this two-day experience and commit to really implement what I learnt.

May God bless you always and continue with what you do, you really make a difference to so many people, especially me.”


Brian V Moore
General Manager and Founder
Celebrating Humanity International
“At the level of respect, ALL people are equal.”

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