Let’s be positive about low shedding

Like most South Africans we are really frustrated with Eskom.

We have been lied to, manipulated by the truth, bullied into paying more n more for electricity and now we have load shedding that leaves us having to constantly check social platforms to make sure if it is happening and not just randomly suspended.

We are told to exercise caution now by switching off all our appliances by the plugs and also unplugging them.

Work is affected being shut down for 2 hours. Some staff are being unpaid for that time.

Questions are being raised among us to why we not outsourcing better control over the stability of electricity. Why we are not creating a more natural way to generate electricity like solar power, electricity air powered windmill ect…

However, to stop my frustration in this whole process I have created a positive sane method dealing with Eskom….

1. Enjoy the quietness of no television or radio blaring.

2. Relax with your family an discuss things that you once never had time to do because your programme was on or you are busy cooking, cleaning.

3. Go for a walk to the park.

4. Make sure you have food like bread , pilchards, tinned tuna, cheese, jam , peanut butter, Nutella, fruit or even better you can braai.

5. An hour before the power goes on prepare your supper by chopping and cutting your food, keeping it ready.

6. It is calming and relaxing helping your kids with their homework with torches n candles because there is no rush.

7. At work get back up UPS battery supply for your staff to do work for 45min.

8. What better time to have a meeting with staff for 45-60min

9. Staff can have their lunch together and relax and better energised to start full steam.

10. Laugh when you hear an Eskom announcement and say Thank You for reminding me I can do better things and calmly get things done that I procrastinate on.

I do hope this was kind of informative an useful.

Life is tough enough being angered and frustrated everyday is not helping us in any way… Peace, Light and Love to all my fellow Citizens

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