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Dear colleagues

I’m a year old into the development and training field and I have been conducting non-accredited workshops and although, I completed the Facilitate learning 5 day course, I still have a lot to learn, therefore kindly excuse my ignorance. I will get there over time, hopefully.

I would like to do the Assessor course in a month’s time or so and have been looking around at ETDP-SETA Accredited training providers and have been keen on a particular one in Durban until I saw their prices which were almost double the prices of other providers. After some net surfing I discovered that UNISA, does offer course which to my untrained eye seem to be the same as the one provided by SETA accredited training providers. A plus to enrolling with UNISA for me is that they are a well recognized institution and they are also cheaper. However, I’m not sure studying through them will be the right way to go in this particular case due to these questions:

1. What will be the implication of me studying through UNISA in terms of being registered and accredited as an Assessor with the SETA or SETAS (which conjures up a questions of its own)?

Actually that’s the only question I have so far?

Here is a link to UNISA’s Assessment course:


Thank you

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15 thoughts on “UNISA vs SETA accredited training providers

  • Tom Swart

    Hi Nduduzo

    Contrary to what has been said below, UNISA is not accredited to assess for registration purposes the Unit Standard 115753: Conduct Outcomes-based Assessments. Through the IEB, I have trained many UNISA lecturers who have done the UNISA Assessor course (which, by the way, is an EXCELLENT course) but cannot get accredited by the ETDP SETA. You have to go through an accredited training provider of this Unit Standard. Check my website: http://thirdwave.web.com for motre details regarding my offering of assessor, facilitator, assessment designer and moderator courses.

    Best regards

    Tom Swart

  • Janelle Gravett

    Hi Nduduzo

    Khulisane Academy in Irene, Pretoria, offers the Assessor program on its own or you could complete the full OD-ETDP qualification which the Assessor Module is part of.  Either way you cant loose and they are accredited with ETDP SETA.  Prices are reasonable as well.  Have a look at their website http://www.khulisane.co.za.  Not sure where you are situated

  • Nduduzo Makhanya Post author

    Hi Guys

    Thank you very much for all your replies. I have considered each and everyone of them. I would have preferred to go with UNISA since they are a well recognised university, however, their qualification takes too long and I need the qualification ASAP to fast-track my career as you all know that having the assessor qualification and being a registered Assessor has become a prerequisite for most facilitator jobs. 

    Thanks a million once again

  • Irene James

    Good morning Nduduzo

    We are based in Durban and offer the full OD-ETDP level 5 and 6 qualifications. Premises in Florida Rd, Morningside. The first module (SDF) of this year’s intake commences next week (9 – 13th Feb). Give me a call if you would like to be part of the group. 083 3092109 or e-mail Nicolette on training@dionysus.co.za

  • Steve Short

    I would not do that unit on it’s own Nduduzo.  I can tell you from personal experience that one cannot look at assessment in isolation.  Your best way if to find a provider where you can do the Certificate in Occupation Directed ETD Practices.  If you enroll for the qualification (as a learnership), you might attract funding assistance if you are a South African Citizen. 

    That aside, the UNISA course, it says ‘The course material is complemented by an optional one day experiential seminar.’  I do not think that I stand alone in saying that I cannot see how one can become anything more than a ‘marker’ with a blend of online/correspondence learning and a one day seminar.  If you want to become a developer (as eluded to in another post), it all starts with the assessment process.  I can’t see how one can develop material (including assessments) if there is no understanding of the ‘what, when and how’ of the assessment.

    Perhaps you should start talking with someone who is experienced in the industry before throwing you hard earned cash at individual Unit Standards.  I’m in Australia, so I can’t really help but I can try to give you some alternatives to consider.  Please message me to my Skills Universe Mailbox if you if you think I can help – I will then give you alternative contact data. 

    Regards – Steve Short

  • Irene Tliana

    I Agree with Des Squire. UNISA is good and plus is also well known. The only thing you do after completing your Assessor course, you can register yourself with the relevant Seta. I studied my Assessor with Assessment College of South Africa.

  • Adel Griesel


    I’m a qualified OD ETDP specialist who did my qualification at an provider accredited with ETDP Seta.  Unisa is good for short courses, degrees, diplomas, also consider if you want to learn more, to do the course Managing and Training Development Diploma where  you have two module, one for managing and one for practice  – a 6 month course from unisa, though but you learn all the basics and more. I per-say to advise my students, workers and people who wants to develop themselves in this field to become and ETDP Specialist.  The cost is quite high yes, but do it in bit and pieces.

  • Des Squire

    Hi Nduduzo, You can study with UNISA without any worries as their function following completion of your POE is to register you as a learner on the National Learner Record data base. This is the case with any training provider. Once you have been registered on the NLRD the ETDP SETA will issue a certificate of competency which just means you have trained as an assessor. You then (yourself) must register as a constituent assessor with whatever SETA you choose. this will be determined by the units standards and or qualifications against which you wish to register. 

    Be wary of providers who offer a five day course INCLUDING completion of your POE. The regulations are very specified in that one of the assessments you conduct as part  of the POE may be fictitious but the second assessment must be a true and valid assessment.

    I am also surprised that a private provider can charge more than a university (UNISA in this case) These are just my personal opinions for what they are worth. (I now await the attacks – Ha Ha)  

  • Celeste Maxime Lackay

    Hi There Ndzuzo

    The course outline you attached talks to the design of outcomes-based assessment activities and not becoming an assessor. (This is the one that I believe you should be looking at http://www.unisa.ac.za/Default.asp?Cmd=ViewContent&ContentID=20051).

    I must say that this seems an awfully long course with not much difference in the price when one compares it to ETDP accredited SDP’s that offer the same unit standard at a slightly higher fee (up to R6600) but then it is much shorter (no more than 5 days facilitation and 1-3 months portfolio submission deadline after the completion of the workplace component.