Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa Environment Education & Sustainable Accredited Training opportunities for 2015

The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa are excited to share with you our new course info and dates for 2015 and invite you to check out the WESSA SustainEd website (www.sustained.org.za) for more details. The website has recently been updated with information, costs, venues and 2015 dates for “work-place based” accredited training towards strengthening your thinking or actions towards a better a world.  

WESSA SustainEd’s flagship course, the National Qualification:  Environmental Education, Training and Development Practices (EETDP) NQF Level 5 (122 credits), will again be run at Umgeni Valley (Howick) as well as in Johannesburg due to popular demand.  In 2015, applicants have the option of either completing the full qualification of four modules (plus the Professional Development Module), or alternatively selecting one, two or three of the modules of their choice.

The Environmental Education NQF L5 (12 Credits) course is a shorter version of the EETDP NQF L5 and consists of 3 unit standards taken from the 122 unit standards of the EETDP.  The 3 unit standards are as follows:


13637 – Network broadly in order to source information and support around a key environmental issue or risk (4 credits)

13651 – Review a variety of approaches to learning, teaching and evaluation (4 credits)

13632 – Demonstrate knowledge of environmental education goals, principles and methods and their appropriateness in different contexts (4 credits) 

To provide more opportunities for applicants who would prefer a course closer to home (saving transport costs and travelling), we have set dates for the Environmental Educators Course at various WESSA centres – Twinstreams (Mtunzini), Treasure Beach (Durban), Umgeni Valley NR (Howick) and Johannesburg.  We have also taken into consideration the various requests by employees within the teaching profession by scheduling courses over the school holidays too.

Once more, the ever popular Environmental Practices Skills Programme NQF L5 and Agro-Agriculture Permaculture NQF L2 courses will be run in 2015.  Dates and costs for these courses will be uploaded onto the website by February 2015 with start dates from June 2015.

All our courses are tailored to meet the context and operating environment of your workplace, whether working with and supporting others (communities, individuals, children, adults, employees in a company, municipality or government department or civil society organisations) or just searching for better, more sustainable ways of doing things.

WESSA SustainEd Facebook and LinkedIn networks offer further insight and inspiration into the above courses.  We invite you to access and join us on both social networks for the latest news and updates by clicking on the following links:



More detailed information on all our courses can be found by clicking on the links below:





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