Who wants to be a public servant?

It seems that working as a public servant no longer holds the prestige it once did. Occupations like teaching and other public sector services have taken a back seat.

Very often the brightest graduates set their sights on joining the biggest corporate companies or worse, opt to leave the country taking their shiny new skills with them.

Why is this happening? where is our sense of civic duty? Or our desire to give back?

There is a lot of talk about being skilled but not enough talk about uplifting others with those skills. We can’t have one without the other. In a sense being educated gives us a certain degree of power and influence over others. We need to balance our right to hold power with the rights of others to be empowered.

The dream of becoming the next CEO is only valid if the purpose is to create work, manage employees with dignity, or somehow benefit the community.

An individual who wants to hold a position of power merely for the sake of having power is a dangerous person indeed. We experience this reality everyday from various people in government.

Even the student who wants to be educated just for the sake of being educated and getting a ‘good job’ can add no real value to society. It is the person who wants to use what they have learned for the good of others that will bring about transformation.

It is a scary thing to see our youth become westernised into thinking that its all about me and what I can get out of life, linking success to their private achievements and material accumulation.

Personally I feel there is only one way success can be measured, and that is in what we do for others. The greatest people in history believed and understood this truth. We need to keep instilling this belief in our young people and someday we will reap the fruit.

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