Reflection at the end of the year 2

Let me share with my friends here my last Simply Communicate newsletter for 2014 (and a scary picture).

How has your year been? I hope that you will be able to set aside some time over the next month or so to reflect on the year and prepare for 2015. Let me suggest some things to help you in the process.
Book yourself a time.
It may be a coffee break at a local restaurant or a bench in the local Botanical Gardens or, perhaps, a stroll on the beach. And if you have the luxury of a whole day to yourself, what a pleasure.
But if you do not book the time off, it will not happen.
Congratulate yourself
Think about what you have done well this year. What are you proud of? It may be something that others would consider insignificant, but it was an important step or breakthrough for you. What was it? Congratulate yourself.
Consider your passion
What have you enjoyed doing this year? What has driven you, excited you or made you come alive? What makes your eyes light up when you talk about it? It may not have been a success this time. But, oh, what fun it was!
What will you include?
Think about how you can do more of the things you are good at and passionate about in 2015. It may be that you will adjust responsibilities and duties in your work to focus more on your strengths and passion; it may be that you will plan more opportunities on your weekends and holidays to delight and enchant.
What will you exclude?
If you are going to do more things you are passionate about, you are going to have to make room for them. That will not happen unless you intentionally carve out space for yourself. What will you take less responsibility for in 2015? What will you do less of?
Not all of you celebrate Christmas, but I was told by a Hindu friend once, ‘Christmas is for everyone.’ Since I agree wholeheartedly, let me wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
We’ll talk again in 2015.

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