Theory on Eskom and the Apocalypse

I thought I should share my emotional state where Eskom is concerned. 

I very often, tend to watch Discovery channels and find the many few american people a bit over the top.  They always preparing for the ‘End of Days’ and now lately most of these movies tend to have scenarios of these events, and how one man finds a way to survive.

Is this really far fetched?

Let’s take Ebola, conspiracy theory is that rich power countries are testing the strain on African countries. If it is not a threat, why is it not contained. I have been thinking of purchasing safety suites, just in case or masks.

We have climate change happening more and more rapidly with the tornado that hit KwaZulu-Natal, what about drug addicts, could they not be the walking dead zombies.

Then of course the main cause that sparked my sudden need to build an underground bunker is of course Eskom’s power outages.

I am convinced that one day Eskom is just not going to work and it is going to explode and then we are left in the Dark age. Is this a plot to destabilize South Africa.

Why are we so dependent on one money pumping, energy failing company? I just don’t understand it or get it?  We have dash cams why not have an Eskom cam so we can see the truth. I believe that there is three sides to a Eskom report.  

News Alert -Theirs and the Truth.

I have come to understand the stages  in my mind as an un-engineered citizen.

Stage: 1 –  no need to worry, chances are you wont be affected. no need for panic. Random walk through maintenance.

Stage: 2 – routine maintenance and for some reason we are not told something is breaking, unstable or broken. How can you have enough coal and then no coal and then building up supply so that there is no load-shedding and then there is enough, not  enough, maybe, they don’t know, we don’t know we just follow a chart like rabbits in a cage.

Stage: 3A – OMG!! Panic stations, get out your bags of coal for braai, fill your cadec gas tanks, fill your petrol tanks, invest in a generator – which seems pointless when you find out you need petrol and the petrol tanks work with electricity. 

Stage: 3B –  Have you prepared yourself for dark times? Eskom is passed critical.

So I had a few thoughts on how we can beat this? I’m thinking of building or having my own solar powered energy saving machine. It will work with mother nature being the sun and it wont affect her atmosphere.

All I need is to find a young and inspired engineer that is finding a unique way to save South Africa from complete disaster.

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