Re-Membering Nelson Mandela 3

The sacred season of Advent is upon us, bringing  for us the promise of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace, which we so dearly need in our time.
This season also reminds us of World Aids Day on 1 December and Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December. The season of Caring and Sharing. 
These days are also located within the 16 Days of International Activism against violence Campaign, which of course is meant for us to focus on seeking healing for our woundedness in our country, and the world.
Add to this the first anniversary of the death of our beloved Tata Nelson Mandela on Friday 5 December,
and one can only become deeply aware of the huge spiritual symbolism of this season.
Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to create a Caring South Africa. At great sacrifice to himself, and his family.
He did this because he was a Caring person.
We all love and adore Madiba.
We love him for the way he went about leading the change, leading by example, and making it look so easy. 
Very few people around the world remain untouched by the life and example of Nelson Mandela.
We stand in awe of how he shared his gifts in service of our nation, and the world.
We all love and adore him. We all want a piece of him. We all want to be associated with him.
But sadly many of us still remain unmoved, unwilling, and reluctant to follow his bold example, to take up the noble challenge to make our contribution to Create the Caring South Africa that we can and should be.
As he was growing frail on his long walk for our freedom, he reminded us that he was handing over the baton to us, to continue the race. “It is in your Hands”.
Yes indeed, it is in our hands to continue Creating A Caring South Africa.
If we Create A Caring Community where we live, work and play, then we are making our contribution in Creating a Caring South Africa.
And as we go about doing our bit in Creating A Caring Community, so we make our contribution in eradicating the scourge of the ever-increasing violence, crime, and the violence against women and children in our country.
A Caring Community can only come about if we have Caring people.
If we have Caring people, then we will have Caring Communities, a Caring South Africa, and a Caring World.

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3 thoughts on “Re-Membering Nelson Mandela

  • MillieRasekoala

    Well Michael I like to believe that in my own small way I am creating a caring society, everyone that works for me is an extension of my household.  I love members of my household and look out for their well-being.  I will never do anything intentionally to harm them or to make them feel less. It is how I see my staff and as a result ensure that their well-being is of primary importance.  We are a small team but a caring team and in taking cognisance of the fact that I cannot do it all by myself, each day I start off with the premise of just what I can do for the day, given the constraints etc of my surroundings ‘just what I can do for the day makes it a worthwhile existence as it propels me to love more, care more and do more one day at a time.  Thank you for your thought provoking words.