CATHSSETA put under administration. 2

What will be the implications for us? We are busy with an accreditation application.

Cathsseta put under administration  –  Article from SA Tourism Update 
12 Wed, Nov 2014


The Department for Higher Education and Training has appointed an administrator to take charge of the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (Cathsseta) administration for the next 12 months and has suspended the original Cathsseta accounting authority. 


The decision comes after the Department of Education allegedly commissioned a damning internal audit draft report by Grant Thornton. The report allegedly contains accusations of power abuse and nepotism against Cathsseta CEO, Mike TsotetsiCity Press and South African Labour News reported on the Grant Thornton investigation earlier this year, saying the report contained evidence of unofficial payments for school trips to Italy and university fees for Cathsseta board members’ children. An unspecified Africa Cup of Nations project that Cathsseta was involved in also led to the disappearance of R10m, the report claims.


According to a Government Gazette issued in October, the administrator’s role will be, among others, to review the terms and conditions of employment of the Cathsseta CEO, CFO and other employees. The administrator will also establish a joint working committee with sector specialist for the good governance of Cathsseta. 


The organisation has advised that a further statement will be released shortly by the Administrator to update valuable stakeholders with the way forward.


Cathsseta authorities could not be reached for comment.

Article reproduced from SA Tourism Update Online News

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2 thoughts on “CATHSSETA put under administration.

  • MillieRasekoala

    If you have not submitted your application do so.  Administration does not mean everything comes to a stand still.  Administration often affects the internal stakeholders of the SETA the hardest.  We have submitted an application and have received acknowledgement that the desktop review is being done and we should get feed back within the next 60 days.  It is worth a shot in any case.  All the best

  • Andrew Friedemann

    We are wondering the same – We suspected something was amiss.

    Unless we can get them to do something a number of businesses will close and we have about 300 learners ‘in process’, yet I cannot get any response from them so we can get moving again.