Meeting Tutu

It feels as if we have so few leaders in this country that stand for equal rights, humanitarian insights and fair Governance. Our own environment in education and training seems as if its losing the sights of where we all wish to be. Yes, there are glowing lights, but it feels that they are few and unseen. So when working with people who have the backing of one of the most decorated peace individuals this week, I felt hugely humbled. 

I was so blessed to have met Bishop Desmond Tutu, Patron to Ubuntu Touch as well as his Daughter Mpho Tutu. I am Ubuntu Touchs’ Education and Training Consultant and am currently assisting them with extending their current Scope into the Wellness Training Arena. We have used the amazing Thrive team to get the accreditation ball rolling, and Gemtrain and Write 4 U’s material.

” Father” as he is fondly called is a vibrant, gentle and humorous Man, and his staff at the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation are also an amazing team to have met. The offices were filled with a feeling of love for “Father” and all spoke of his wisdom and kindness. I wish we had a thousand people like him in Government – this country would be shining.

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