Community Development Initiatives International (CDII) seeks your support 1

Community Development Initiatives International (CDII) 

CDII operates as a non profit company and is committed to supporting communities and encouraging sustainable livelihoods.

CDII is seeking support for various community projects as described in the attachment.


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One thought on “Community Development Initiatives International (CDII) seeks your support

  • Patience Motale

    Intend to buy training material

    Anyone with training material for the following unit standards, please contact me, email address:, 0749220583 or 0610458035.

    US 120344: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current occupational health and safety legislation.

    US 259619: Conduct workplace occupational health and safety inspections

    US 9964: Apply health and safety to a work area

    US120437: Demonstrate and understand basic health and safety practices related to surface mining

    US 110205; Demonstrate knowledge of the mine health and safety at regulations and definitions

    US 8493: Maintain occupational health and safety

    US 120370: Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safety principles regarding hazardous substances in the workplace.

    US 9243: Monitor occupational health and safety

    US 376480: Provide first aid as an advanced first responder

    US Perform basic life support and first aid procedures