Give your Secretaries the Gift of Time this Secretaries Day

Book Priority Management for a 1-hour session during the week of 1-5 September 2014 and we will share some Productivity Tips to ease the workload.


Productivity Challenges addressed:

–  Too much time in in-box

–  Poor planning resulting in low productivity

–  Constantly changing priorities

–  Struggling to focus on the right things

–  Too many distractions / interruptions

–  Others not delivering on time

–  Reluctance to say “No”

–  Inconsistent practices across teams


Results gained from the workshop:

–  Clear priorities daily + deliver on time

–  Inbox less time + find actions & filing quickly

–  Work-In-Progress planned ahead

–  Calendar – more time for Goals & to think

–  Work due from others – less time chasing

–  Being Realistic – managing expectations

–  No surprises from commitments

–  Meetings well prepared + can find history



R300.00 per person for 1-hour presentation (minimum groups of five)

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