CPTD FOR TEACHERS: Continuing Professional Teacher Development

The Eazi Study Teacher Development Centre contains 20 different CPTD short courses, the revised Curriculum documents (CAPS); Government and DBE Policy documents, articles on education matters, research studies and news items. Teachers are invited to participate in the forum discussion and groups and submit articles, comments and research papers to be published on the Eazi Study website.

All CPTD activity types are available to teachers through the newly launched Eazi Study website www.eazistudy.co.za or in a Teacher Development pack of the 20 CD’s.

Eazi Study aims to make CPTD activities available to all teachers in urban, rural and farm schools. Many schools are still without computers and internet access and in many cases, without electricity. These teachers should not be excluded from access to valid and current CPTD activities. By providing an on-line service, a CD Teacher Development Centre or printed material, Eazi Study provides access to all teachers.

Registering on-line with Eazi Study provides teachers with the opportunity to follow a self study programme of development. As an on-line user the teacher has access to a selection of CPTD short courses, DBE Policy Documents, CAPS curriculum documents, articles, and research studies, as well as the opportunity to participate in forum discussions and groups or publish an article or research paper on the Eazi Study website. All activities can be completed on-line and saved to the teachers Portfolio of Continuing Professional Development. For as little as R240 per year (R20 per month) a teacher has access to an ongoing variety of on-line CPTD activities. Eazi Study will pay an annual rebate to schools, organizations, Teacher Unions and Provincial Departments of Education of R40 per teacher registered each year. The rebate is paid to the organization and may be used for other Teacher Development initiatives or stationery, equipment and so forth.

Purchasing an Eazi Study Teacher Development Centre will allow school’s to run the CPTD short courses on CD as internal school workshops. Each CD is dedicated to a single topic and contains a Topic Manual, Facilitator Guide, and Teacher Workbook, Resource Documents and Policies, Evaluation Form, Teacher Co-ordinator Summary Report Template and an Attendance Register. Teachers can also embark on a self-study programme by simply drawing the selected CD on a borrowing system from the school and complete the activity on the computer or in hard copy. The completed activity is saved in the Teacher’s Portfolio of Continuing Professional Development.

For as little as R3000 a school may purchase the Eazi Study Teacher Development CD pack of 20 CD’s plus a FREE CAPS CD and provide access for all its teachers to CPTD short courses and policy documents. A ‘mini’ Teacher Development Centre consisting of 10 CPTD short course CD’s plus a FREE CAPS CD can be purchased at R1500.

The system provides the teacher with CPTD activities in the three categories required by SACE, namely:

  • Type 1: Activities initiated personally by an educator to address his/her identified need.
  • Type 2: Activities initiated by a school to address common needs.
  • Type 3: Activities initiated by external providers such as, the Provincial Education Department or
    Teacher Unions’ Professional Development Institutes, Higher Education Institutions, NGOs, Private
    Providers, or Professional Association to address educators’ needs.

The Eazi Study CPTD activities are in the process of registration and endorsement with SACE.

Eazi Study provides teachers, schools and organisations with the solution to achieving the SACE PD point system allocation without losing sight of the importance of keeping abreast with new methodologies and processes. Eazi Study has spent two years developing the system:

  • Pilots have been run at 6 different schools.
  • Some 600 teachers have already attended live training of these programmes.
  • The training courses were identified by teachers and by NAPTOSA.

Eazi Study – education made eazi


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