SOR Number PROBLEMS : service provider/edtp seta 3

Dear Friends at Skill Universe,

you all have got to have a good chuckle about this……..( yes my sense of humor is dwindling)

I  feel very Frustrated with the service that i have had from a service provider that i did my assessor qualification with( august 2012) , i have to date only received a competency cert from them,  which took 6 months to get out of them ( as they lost my POE and then found it ).

Then the  coordinator that was in charge of the POE’s and edtp SOR’s registrations etc  fell ill and Died !!!!! ( go figure just my luck )(most of 2013  lost as company trying sort out what was done etc… ) .  The service provider then has been spinning me so many stories and excuses that i have literally lost track.

i have been in touch with with them constantly  and have been hounding them for the SOR number this year , and have been  told that they are waiting for a window to be opened to upload etc…. ( i dont know if true or not!!!!! )

To date I got  33 unit standards, which i cannot get registered for with all the relevant seta’s. ( very upset about this )

I’M  at wits end and about to approach a lawyer for legal assistance, as i have spent a lot of money (upwards 50k) and sick and tired of all the excuses.

Is there any one out there that can help or point me in the right direction as i have been at this for 22 months with no end in sight.

It has got to a stage where it is now costing me money.

I have recently just asked them for a copy of my POE, Still awaiting a response to that.


I would appreciate any  help


Grant Tyler

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3 thoughts on “SOR Number PROBLEMS : service provider/edtp seta

  • Janelle Gravett

    HI Grant

    Good advice from Lynel.

    I know how frustrating this process is – if you can get the provider’s accreditation number, take that to the relevant SETA.  I would imagine you are dealing with either Services SETA or ETDP SETA.  The ETQA manager at ETDP is Herman Letoka and the best person to start with at Services is Thabani (sorry cant think of his surname!) he is the ETQA for Accreditation at Services SETA.  Be prepared to spend the day at the SETA but I agree with Lynel, go to them and get them to help you.  its far better than spending more money at a lawyer and the SETAs are there to assist learners.  Good luck!

  • Lynel Farrell

    Hi Grant,

    I am sorry to hear about your frustrations, this is not good!  What I recommend you do to actually get somewhere is forward a complaint about the said provider to the SETA that the provider belongs to.  Before getting legal advise and spending money, ask the SETA to assist you.  SETAs don’t approve of learners being disadvantaged (well most of them anyway).  Give it a try, maybe that is the way to get a positive outcome.