How sick is your sick leave?

Most managers have a love-hate relationship with sick leave. We want to be understanding and compassionate – after all, as employees will tell you, they don’t ask to be sick. On the other hand, sickness seldom strikes at a convenient time, and there is never any notice. The manager gets a phone call in the morning and the day is ruined. Shifts have to be reorganised, temps have to be brought in, projects postponed, customers contacted, meetings cancelled, documents found. And that’s the easy part.

You cannot fight sick leave, but you can manage it. [Continue reading this Simply Communicate article]

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About Ian Webster

I have been running my own consultancy (Simply Communicate) for five years – training and consulting in all things people management and development. Prior to that I was 16 years in corporate HR in a unionised environment becoming Training Manager and Human Resources Manager. I have a Degree in Theology and a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management.

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