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We had officials who booked for a training  from a government department at the last minute they urgently emailed the registration form with names of the officials and where told to raise an invoice urgently for three officials and that the order was being raised for the payment since we were not on their preferred supplier database they asked us to  send the database forms which they had emailed to us which we did  come the day of the training only to have one attend out of the three officials that were booked for an event  and by then we had raised an invoice for three and had paid the venue  for an additional 3 officials no communication was made as to reason why the two officials didnt attend but now its a cat and mouse chase for the payment because they want us to train the other two officials before they can pay what legal right do we had as company to refuse or force them to pay us, is there a department that we can launch this complaint 

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One thought on “Payment not honoured

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    I had one experience with a parastatal – the  incompetence had to be experienced to be believed.  Key senior people had to be called to attend the training, which then started late.  

    They set up meetings but when you arrive they’re not there – or they’re doing something else, and not available.  After that happened once I phoned before the next two meetings and on both occasions they were doing something else so they clearly had no intention of meeting.

    It took endless phone calls and eventually threats of publicising their gross incompetence to get my money – after which I decided my life is far too short to earn a living this way – I’d rather go hungry.  

    So you have my sympathies.  I don’t have the answers for you.  Maybe other members do.  Why don’t you try the Presidential hotline?