So many jobs, so few suitable candidates!

With the on-again, off-again debate regarding the unemployment statistics of our country, it’s often not easy to decipher who is to blame. Maybe if we could get accurate numbers as to how many vacancies there are versus the actual amount of unemployed people, we might just have a better understanding of this ongoing problem.

Those of you who have been saddled with the tedious task of finding a suitable candidate to fill a vacancy at a company will know exactly what it is like to receive about fifty applications a day for one position. That is about two hundred and fifty cv’s during the week and close to one thousand a month. Being a recruiter for many clients you just don’t have the time to read through every cv, so you basically spend about 6 seconds per cv scanning it to find the needed information. Needless to say, only about one in every twenty cv’s is actually worth reading. I’ve often found myself asking my colleagues: “Where are all the clever people? Where are the people who actually want to work?”

I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it is when you have an interview booked and the candidate just doesn’t show up. It is even worse when you have booked him or her an interview with your client and they don’t show up there. The client loses confidence in you as the recruiter so obviously they won’t be using you again.

When interviewing candidates you arrange strict interview times so that you can accommodate as many candidates as possible in one day. As usual, majority don’t arrive on time for their interview. This leaves the recruiter with the question: “will you actually arrive on time for work?” Now some even have the audacity to phone you the morning of their interview and ask you to meet them somewhere half way so that they don’t need to travel all the way to you for their interview. My goodness….just exactly WHO is looking for a job here???

Fortunately, there are some good candidates every now and then. As a recruiter you can’t help but be happy for them once they are placed in their ideal job. The sad truth is that, yes, there is a high rate of unemployment, but most of this is due to the fact that most people are unemployable!

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