A while ago Sylvia commented on the collective agreement and I tried to find it but was unsuccessful.

I am a lecturer at an FET College and as many people know, we have now moved over to DHET.  A collective agreement was signed.  I realized that as manager it is important that I need to understand the collective agreement.  Every time I looked at the ‘stacks’ of pages I continued with other work!

I have involved in various discussions on the topic but is still not clear what the implications are. I know that it is now official that we will move over to their persal (salary system) on 1 April 2015 and I understand more or less how it will affect my position.  One of the facts that I am not sure about is the 37% benefits that are added to the salary of contract staff.

We have staff that is employed by WCED and others that are employed by the College on a CONTRACT basis.  I have heard that EVERYBODY (contract workers – admin and academic) should be paid the 37%.  There are apparently Colleges that only pay the 37% for the first 6 months of employment and thereafter it is stopped. This is one of the reasons why I need to read the collective agreement so that I will be clear about the different matters.  I also need to understand the differences/ similarities between college and WCED appointees.

I will appreciate it if you could guide me to find Sylvia’s discussions or any other discussion around the collective agreement.



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