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It is highly likely that you’ve had to deal with a passive-aggressive individual in your time. Whether you realised it or not, is another matter, because passive-aggressiveness can be very subtle. Or simply be mistaken for tardiness or even forgetfulness. Passive-aggressive – let’s recap Andrea Harn, a psychotherapist and clinical […]

The Passive-Aggressive Individual and the Office

Rims Pty Ltd is taking in applications for a very exciting New Venture Creation learnership. If you are interested in a unique opportunity to grow into your own business, hard working and serious about your development, we have the solution for you. Candidates must have a matric, and must pass […]

NVC Learnerships available

by Frew Murdoch The Oscar Pistorius trial has caused a sensation across the nation with everyone throwing their opinions about the trial around on social media and in everyday conversation. Oscar’s celebrity status has already blown the case onto international radars. This got me thinking: what would happen if Oscar […]

Oscar Pistorius: What if he worked for you?