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Corporate Wise recently reported an incident where a scam artist used their accreditation information and brand name to perform training. Training providers are now being warned to watch out for similar suspicious behaviour. This is their story: On Thursday of last week our Durban office was contacted by a company […]

Training providers being scammed

For a business to flourish, it is important to stay abreast of new technology, methods and developments in industry.  It is therefore vital for business owners and personnel managers to keep updating the skillset provided by their company. Training staff to implement new processes, or fill gaps in the business […]

Maximising returns on employee training

Everybody has experienced the stress of preparing for an interview. Likewise meeting a potential partner can be extremely intimidating. If you think about it the interview process is very much like the journey of embarking on a new relationship. Here are some interesting comparisons: A new beginning If you are […]

Why job interviews are like first dates

I read an interesting article in the Weekend Argus of 15 March 2014, THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING AT WORK Tony Healy discussed smoking at work in his article. He said that employers are entitled to impose a ban or reduce pay for breaks taken. I am sure that smokers […]