Crushing That Job Interview!

Attending a job interview can be quite nerve wracking. This process can either make or break the person involved. The process can sometimes be long and frustrating and you really have to have a very thick skin in order to withstand all the personal and uncomfortable questions that you will be asked. Self preparation is very important and often many people who find themselves working through this process find it tough to prepare themselves correctly and as much as possible. Many times you hear of an interviewee attending the meeting and they may arrive late or behave inappropriately. For example, the person may constantly play with pimples on their face or even answer a phone call during the meeting. Here are a few easy tips on how to behave and communicate correctly during an interview. 

Firstly, it is very important to remember that you are attending a job interview. You are the person who is looking for the job and therefore it is important that you act accordingly. Do not beg for a job and make sure that you behave in a manner that is appropriate and adequate for the purpose of the interview. This means that under no circumstance is it appropriate or acceptable for you to arrive late for an interview unless you make contact with the interviewer, at least 3 hours or even a day prior to your job interview. Once arriving at the premises, be seated and look relaxed and confident. Make sure you have the required information with you, if there is any and always carry a piece of paper or notebook and a pen with you. Do not leave the pen in your shirt pocket in case the pen leaks through your shirt. Make certain you turn your cellular phone off completely and make sure this is done prior to entering the interview room! On being called by the interviewer, stand up straight and tall. Look proud and confident and in a normal pace move toward the interviewer. Shake the persons hand and when doing this make sure you look into the persons eyes and say thank you to the person for agreeing to see you. 

A second point to remember is that it is imperative that when you arrive at the premises, you are dressed appropriately. If the company wears overalls then it is acceptable for you to attend the interview in casual to smart clothing. If you are allowed to wear jeans to the interview, then make sure they are smart and not broken. It is always better to arrive for an interview in smart clothing. This shows pride in oneself and good breeding. Do not arrive wearing shorts, flops, very short skirts, dirty or broken clothing, or underwear showing. 

The third point that should be considered is for you to enjoy the interview. If you are offered a drink, do not be shy to accept. If you truly do not want a drink then very politely say no thank you. It is essential that politeness and manners are always remembered! This aspect I find is the most important thing that must be included into every conversation. It makes no difference who you meet and speak to, but always remember to show respect and be polite. Manners shows good upbringing, it it shows that you have respect and you know how to treat another person in a caring and decent manner. This is obviously very important in the working world and will help you go very far in life. A please and thank you goes a long way in every situation. 

On being seated, do not slouch or lie all over the chair or couch. Sit upright and make sure you always smile, as this makes the interviewer more relaxed and he or she can see that you are enjoying being in the environment and that you are confident with yourself. Slouching implies that you are lazy and respect for people and situations is not quite there. You need to outwardly appear calm, cool, collected, happy, confident, proud and of course ready to take the proverbial “bull by the horns” and begin working!

Body language is just as important as what we say during interviews, if not more so. Be sure to remember to not fold your arms or legs. This shows the interviewer that you are closing yourself off. Always look the interviewer in the eyes and not down or around the room. Concentrate on the person and show your confidence. Do not make funny noises or animal sounds; Do not play with your face or pick your nose and do not fidget. Remain composed throughout the entire meeting. 

During the interview, remember to answer questions honestly, to the best of your ability and give short, concise answers. Do not waffle! Be clear, concise and to the point. Try not to answer too many questions with yes or no answers and at the same time do not volunteer too much information. Again, it is very important that you remain calm and allow yourself sufficient time to think of an appropriate answer to questions. Of course pre-interview preparation is needed, but there may be a few questions that you did not think of so when this takes place during the interview, listen, think carefully about the question and only then deliver a suitable answer.

On ending the job interview, thank the person again, however, this time it will be for taking the time to meet with you. Do not be nervous to ask when you can expect a telephone call regarding moving forward or an idea of “where to from here”. Shake the interviewers hand again and extend your warm wishes for them to have a wonderful day. Sometimes, the interviewer will kindly walk out with you and see you to the exit. This can assist you in creating an additional and lasting impression on the interviewer. However, if the interviewer does not see you to the front door, calmly and confidently leave the room in a composed manner.

All that has been discussed above are recommendations for a better job interview to take place. It is important to be yourself and remember that if you are meant to get the job, then you will. It does not mean though that you must not try your best and that you must do nothing to motivate for you to get the job there and then. Make the effort and positive results will come out of the hard work that you put in. 

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