Do our Kids Communicate like Techno-Tarzans?

As a follow up from my recent post, today’s blog will deal with how we change our communication in terms of what we say and how, in order to fit in with the culture of a company and to suit the client’s needs and requirements. According to George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Communication is the manner in which we create a true connection with each other and it assists us in relaying messages to each other on a constant basis. However, communication must be kept pure and genuine in order for others to understand and follow through with the messages and conversation.

In this fast paced life that we all currently live in, filled with different forms of communication, genuine or face to face communication tends to take the back seat. As an example, Twitter is one of the main social media platforms used today. Some may use this application in order to create friendships, gain information regarding world events, dating and business. Obviously the application has many advantages, however, the downside is that communication is lost in translation. The true essence of a person and what the person is feeling and trying to express is lost and masked by shorthand and abbreviated gobbledygook.

Teachers constantly complain about the fact that pupils are unable to spell, communicate correctly, misuse certain words etc. and these problems are usually blamed on social media – Twitter, MXiT, other chat lines, Facebook, SMS and much more. It should rather be encouraged that teachers learn how to utilize the above mentioned social sites properly and be creative in the way that the problems are incorporated into the school curriculum. In other words they should research these sites properly in order to create a lesson  based on factual knowledge and then apply the different problems so that children understand where mistakes are made, how to correct themselves and the difference in the way the words are written on the various sites.

In the working and business world, each person is required to be equipped with the correct communication tools in addition to having a knowledge of various social media sites. Equip the children from a very young age  and when they reach the working world they will be able to apply this knowledge. Communication is an essential tool in every fact of life. Without having the basis of correct communication, it becomes challenging to not only assist a person in improving this, but it becomes frustrating to communicate with these people.

Tarzan the ape-man was only able to communicate with wild animals that lived in the jungle and it was only once he met and was taught English and correct etiquette by Jane that he was able to enter into civilization for a while, although he largely rejected it and returned to the wild to experience its adventures. Those who have not been provided with the correct tools and taught how to communicate correctly are at an obvious disadvantage and although they are not literally referred to as apes and wild animals, they will unfortunately remain as an inferior group and will struggle to fit into society just as Tarzan did.

Once the basic level has been covered correctly and mastered, this group will be able to feel more integrated in society. Providing someone with the correct tools and education is a lifelong privilege. However, the manner in which this education is then applied by the student can either be a curse or gift. Do not be concerned about the manner in which the student applies the knowledge. What remains important and as quoted by Anthony Robbins “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”

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