“My job is just not that important”

I think many of us felt at some stage in our lives that our job is not very important.

Society tells us what is important and what is not important or valuable. This will make many people feel that their specific strengths are not important. This is not true. We all can make a valuable contribution in doing what we do best. You just have to look beyond society’s judgments.

For example, one guy is a neurologist, and another a builder of car parts. Society may say the neurologist has the most important job. But if we really think about it, the guy building the car parts may also have contributed to building the brain surgeon’s car to get to work!

It is no use wasting time being angry or disappointed that you were really bad at biology at school and could not become a neurologist.

All any of us can do is know ourselves well enough to know where our greatest contributions lie.

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