The Toyota Way: Some Are Born Leaders, Others Can Learn the Skills 4

It is true that everyone possesses different skills, and it seems that some people are born for leadership. In truth, with desire, coaching, and practice, leadership skills can be learned. Michael Jordan did not make his high school basketball team, but with internal drive and continued practice, he became one of the greatest players ever.

 This is true of leadership skills. It may not be possible to change a person’s basic nature (being an introvert or extrovert, for example), but it is possible to learn skills and to maximize the desired characteristics, while minimizing the less desirable (this is task specific).

 There are many leadership “styles” that can be effective, and each leader can learn to use his or her own skill set to the best advantage. The only element that cannot be taught is desire.

Source: The Toyota Way, by Jeffrey Liker

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4 thoughts on “The Toyota Way: Some Are Born Leaders, Others Can Learn the Skills

  • Ben Heunes

    This topic will most probable also lead to a never ending discussion but remains very interesting and important.

    The problem that I have with the so-called borne leaders  are if they have not maid an in-depth study of leadership, I doubt their ability in being a leader…

    Having said that, I can only see and experience a good leader and his/her leadership abilities with a solid study background and then I am convinced that the personality kicks in to take control and you exercise the leadership skills and from there it appears to me that we say he/she is a born leader…OR maybe not?

  • Venita Oberholster Post author

    Thank you for the positive comments! I come across hundreds of interesting articles and books while researching for development of course material.  This has been my favourite quote for years and whenever I see it is appropriate, I include it in my material.  If any of you need specific articles or theory on Business Management, HR Management or Maintenance Management please contact me, maybe I can help.