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Sourcing the right training programme for your employees from a trustworthy training provider is not an easy task. The additional burden of finding cost effective courses that will give a return on investment can leave HR practitioners at a loss.

Companies who don’t have the necessary human resources experience are in danger of engaging with bogus training providers or participating in subpar training programmes.

However, Eduloans new Training Fund Management service is there to take the stress out of the employee training process.

As part of their comprehensive offering, Eduloan manages training projects for corporates from beginning to end.

 Eduloan administers and manages the sourcing and appointment of training providers specific to staff training needs.

Student and employee assessments will be conducted prior to training to ensure the seamless allocation of students or staff to appropriate training providers.

Partnerships with educational institutions and training providers allows special negotiated agreements with FET colleges and training facilities – ensuring the most cost effective educational loan solution for your staff training programs.

Eduloan will negotiate service level agreements and arrange employee registration on behalf of corporates with training providers such as Further Education and Training institutions.

Eduloan provides a range of services to students and companies. 

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2 thoughts on “Eduloan simply delivers employee training

  • Des Squire

    One again Eduloan proves its ability to move with the time and to develop innovative solutions for the benefit of it’s clients. A great idea.    

  • Ashwell Glasson

    Brilliant thank you very much for this Cindy. There certainly is a great need for third-party services in this regard, as quite a few human resource management teams struggle to manage this process effectively. I think the obvious benefit of SLA management and workplace-learning opportunities also makes this a very attractive solution for many organisations whose core is not administering training and related activities, yet who want the full benefit of both the BEE points as well as an efficient system that can provide enormous opportunities for learner experience and workplace application.