A professional image: is your website letting you down?

Most of us, searching for customers and trying to make a great first impression, pay a lot of attention to our ‘front of house’, whatever that might mean in our particular enterprise. It might mean spotless cutlery, bright uniforms, polished floors, or friendly greetings.

But our real ‘front of house’ is a place we seldom visit, although it’s where most of our customers find us and make up their minds about us. It is, of course, our website.

Often written in a hurry by part-time writers, what finds its way onto our front pages, giving customers and clients their first view of our business, is not always the professional image we would like to convey.

For examples and three suggestions read on .

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About Ian Webster

I have been running my own consultancy (Simply Communicate) for five years – training and consulting in all things people management and development. Prior to that I was 16 years in corporate HR in a unionised environment becoming Training Manager and Human Resources Manager. I have a Degree in Theology and a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management.

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