EOI Process and other communications through Services Seta

It seems that Services Seta in particular is not communicating with its members adequately, or should i be so bold as to say that they believe that everything should be communicated non verbally so that the real reasons why certain communiques are sent  is to lessen the blow of unsuspecting service providers in rejecting their applications and proposals. 

The EOI is a case in point – since the origonal EOI process began, the standard reply has always been – “you will get a response by email” and when we eventually speak the “right person” they would say “we cannot help you as it is unfair on the other providers and everyone will receive the same response”.

However this is also not true, i.e. the current EOI phase 1 has already identified the providers who will prvide the lion share of the training needs required and applied for and road shows have already been going on for the past few weeks to assist the chosen providers.

if a provider has not been identified as “priority” or “preferenential” and this again opens up another can of worms, then they will be fobbed off in a very diplomatic way.

I personally have been struggling to get clarity on issues since 2011, when no reasons for rejection

of the origonal applications, tenders, and all the other proposals sent through were given. 

I wonder how many other providers have had similar problems.

When i eventually decided to register with APPETD expecting assistance and being given assurances of help i was also dismayed to find that they also ignored all my emails, phone calls and are only interested in securing “white paper approvals” to suit their own goals and ambitions. 

I would like to take this to government level or to the media to highlight the issues.

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