SASCO demands greater financial aid 4

The South African Students Congress (Sasco) called for mass student protests to express dissatisfaction over the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and registration.

According to a Mail & Guardian report the student body is demanding greater financial aid for disadvantaged students.

NSFAS was accused of failing to support students “even if they met the requirement of being academically deserving and financially needy.”

The entity also blamed universities for increasing study fees and described the situation as “an attack on the poor…”

“Sasco is engaged in preparations for a…strike in the entire tertiary landscape”

Do you think the response from SASCO is appropriate?

Should government make more funds available to meet the growing need of students?

Do students have a right to financial aid?

Can you recommend an alternative course of action?


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4 thoughts on “SASCO demands greater financial aid

  • Tana Breytenbach

    There is definitely a disconnect between Universities and NSFAS. One student that I was assisting applied for a bursary at Stellenbosch, was not advised that they should apply for NSFAS by the cut off date and was declined for the bursary by which stage it was too late to apply for NSFAS. Learners who complete school in November of each year cannot apply because its past the cut off date. Another problem is late notification which leaves it far too late for any learner who could apply for a loan to approach other institutions.

    I think needy, well deserving (high achieving) students should be able to apply for financial aid – we need this to address our dwindling , there are many deserving students that cannot access tertiary education but it should be performance based (on their results). This will reduce the amount of students getting loans who clearly are not performing / and/or dropping out. Cut off dates need to be looked at as well. How can we address inequalities in education if we don’t have a funding for these students.

    What about the National Skills Fund – why can they not make more available. Millions is recouped from SETA’s as well.

    Appoint a joint task team to research / investigate current and best practice and then restructure the entire system.

    Strike no… 

  • Siviwe Sigwela

    This is a very serious problem. The whole education system needs to be looked at but there must be commitment and real work done by all involved. Currently its very expensive to get educated and the question is who is championing the cause of the poor who can’t educate themselves and also who makes sure that whatever is being implemented is managed closely. I think we don’t have that in our system and politics really muddle the whole thing.

  • Bronwyn Newman

    Somewhere there is a GAP once again in communication among Learning Institutions and Financial Aid companies. We should be working together to improve learning skills availability and not create such concern and confusion amongst students.