White Paper for Post-School Education and Training Released 1

The Minister of Higher Education and Training has released the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training – and we have it available for download from our website.

The White Paper was approved by Cabinet late in 2013 and has only now been released to the public. The document outlines the government’s strategy to build an expanded, integrated and effective post-school education and training system.

Visit the Skills Portal for full details and to download the document

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One thought on “White Paper for Post-School Education and Training Released

  • Dr Jacqueline Baumgardt (Jax)

    Dear Alan – I have sent a copy of my thesis to the Minister and Deputy Minister in the hopes that they will read it to address this issue from the Executive Summary (White Paper, 2013: xiv). “Presently, the available data on private post-school institutions is inaccurate, incomplete and scattered among various data sets in various institutions. The DHET will make a concerted effort to coordinate, centralise and extend data collection. The analysis of such data – combined with information from the Quality Councils – will give us a better idea of the extent and quality of private educational provision and help us to understand its contribution more fully. The DHET will undertake a thorough review of the regulation and quality assurance of private providers. Such a review will examine the current system and make recommendations with regard to ensuring that the government and its agencies, especially SAQA and the Quality Councils, use to best affect the resources that are available for these purposes.”