Are we moving in the right direction?

We have always looked to the matric pass rate as one of the main indicators of the level and quality of education in the country but should we find a more direct way of measuring literacy and numeracy in the country?

According to the findings of the Third National Diagnostic Report into the 2013 matric exams, matric students cannot write in paragraphs, do not understand matric exam questions and are unfamiliar with the key terminology used in their subjects.

 “In short – pupils can barely read and write in English” – TimesLive

Despite the improvements in bachelor and diploma passes there seems to be a gap between those who are achieving academically and those are unable to perform the most basic literacy tasks.

Considering that more than 70% of South Africans speak an African langue as their mother tongue, do you think these statistics are a cause for concern, or are these obstacles an acceptable part of the education process?

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