Change is an absolute for 2014 4

The only constant in life and business is change. In order to change anything there is a need to first change our thinking. Make 2014 the year of change and in doing so consider the following;

  • Change how you listen to others – start hearing what they have to say
  • Change how you treat others – remember they are individuals
  • Change how you perceive others – allow them freedom of expression and permit them to be innovative
  • Change how you interact with others – respect their point of view
  • Change how you manage others – make all that you do all inclusive – you don’t always have to be right.
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4 thoughts on “Change is an absolute for 2014

  • Des Squire Post author

    Hi Delphine and Maria

    When I read your kind words it makes me realise that no matter how badly off we might be there are others who are worse off. Sorry to hear about both your difficulties but delighted to hear you have both overcome and survived. I take a great deal of motivation from realising that we can attract positives or negatives depending on our own outlook on life – we can seek out the negative or we can seek out the positives.

    You are both obviously very strong people and I can see your experiences have made you stronger. Dwell on the positives and learn from the negatives of the past while at the same time putting them behind you and 2014 will be one of your greatest years ever.

    My wish for you both this year is that the Lord will keep you safely In the palm of His hand. Be strong and trust in yourself and your own abilities.   

  • Delphine Johannes

    Change can really do wonders, Your words became my mantra two years ago and allthough difficult at first change me into a more positive person.The necessary skills training field in South Africa that dominated my world in a negative way since 2011have encourage me to make a change in my life. I have moved to MACAU; CHINA and went back to teaching; this experience really uplifted my spirit and the interaction with other people , different environment and culture enriched me in in so many ways. Hard working students with a learning spirit; took me back to my study years in South Africa.