1. VISION – leaders have a clear vision of the future of the business,(ministry or organisation), and they share it with everyone who works with the company. 

Question to you – What is your vision for the future of your organisation? 

2. COURAGE- leaders have the courage to take calculated risks with no guarantees of success, especially to fulfill the vision. 

Question to you- In what areas do you need to take risks to make your vision a reality?

3. RESPONSIBILITY- leaders accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens, and refuse to criticize, blame or make excuses: 

Question to you – What are your three most important responsibilities in your company?

4. INTEGRITY- leaders are completely honest with themselves and others. They get people to trust them by being trustworthy. 

Question to you – What are the three most important areas in your business that depend on your honesty and integrity to function well?

5. COMMITMENT – leaders are totally committed to the success of the business; 

Question to you – In what areas of your business are you most committed, and to what outcomes?

6. CONCENTRATION – leaders have developed the ability, through constant practice, to concentrate in those areas where the most important results are possible. 

Question to you – In what three areas can single minded concentration on your part bring about exceptional results? 

7. EXCELLENCE – leaders are committed to excellent work, and excellent products and services; 

Question to you – In what three areas is excellent performance the most important for the success of your organisation? 

DID YOU KNOW? By completing this self-test, you are in the top 10% of the business population. Most people never take the time to work on their skills or assess themselves. 

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