World AIDS Awareness Day 2013

World AIDS Awareness Day is recognized each year on 1st December.


This year CDI International will be recognizing World AIDS Day at a special Event in Cullinan just outside Tshwane). The Event is supported by the Gauteng Department of Sport, Art, Culture & Recreation, by the City of Tshwane, by The Diplomatic Society and by the CDII We MiND Foundation.


CDI International will be holding a Youth Sports Development Day and a early Christmas Party for an AIDS Orphanage from the impoverished community of Refilwe.


We would be thrilled to receive a Message of Goodwill from you to read out to the Youth at the World AIDS Day Event. Last year we received Messages from Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, Trinidad & Tobago’s Daren Ganga and many other international celebrities. For our International Nelson Mandela Day Event we received Messages of Goodwill from South Africa’s Swimming sensation, Chad Le Clos and his Dad, Burt.


We invite you to help inspire our Youth by sending a Message of Goodwill to the Youth of South Africa. Messages can be emailed to or faxed to 0866 1733 866. We would be thrilled if you could post original signed Messages of Goodwill to CDI International, Attention: Don Leffler, Private Bag X1015, Hillcrest 3650, Kwa Zulu- Natal, South Africa.

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