Employee Wellness and Advancement Programme

Ensuring the wellbeing of your staff is imperative for their optimum performance and ultimately the success of your business. For this reason, Compuscan Academy has put together an all-encompassing 3 day programme covering various aspects of employee health and wellness.

Covering time management, communications skills, money management, basic employment relations and HIV/AIDS awareness, these workshops will assist your employees both in their personal lives and in the workplace to perform their duties more efficiently. Enrol your staff today to see the positive effect on both your staff’s wellbeing and business’ performance as a whole.


Dates and Towns:

  • 25-27 November 2013: Bloemfontein
  • 26-28 November 2013: Cape Town
  • 27-29 November 2013: Port Elizabeth
  • 02-04 December 2013: Johannesburg
  • 02-04 December 2013: East London
  • 02-04 December 2013: Durban


Cost per learner (including VAT)
Communication Skills Only R1 350.00
1 x Half Day Workshop Only R940.00
2 x Half Day Workshops Only R1 520.00
3 x Half Day Workshops Only R2 145.00
4 x Half Day Workshops Only R2 570.00
Communication and 1 x Half Day Workshop R2 290.00
Communication and 2 x Half Day Workshops R2 870.00
Communication and 3 x Half Day Workshops R3 495.00
Communication and 4 x Half Day Workshops
(Entire Programme)
R3 920.00

Group registrations of 5 or more delegates per workshop from the same institution will receive an additional 10% discount.

Please note that we need a minimum of 15 delegates to confirm the workshop.

To enrol in our workshops, click here to complete the registration form, or contact us on 021 888 6000 or by emailing us at info@compuscanacademy.co.za.

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