Enhance your company image, and empower your Receptionist.

Qualified Speech & Drama teacher and recruiter offers courses to revolutionise Voice, Speech and Telephonic Etiquette:
Course includes the following:

Voice Projection techniques
Accent Reduction
Development of Expression and Vocal Tones
Effective Telephonic Greetings and Conclusions
Accurate message taking
Handling difficult customers using Voice and Speech as s tool

Contact Lara Mills on 0731440475 to discuss options for on-site coaching.

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About Lara Mills

I am a Durban based Voice & Speech Coach available to offer both on/off site and online/skype coaching. I assist individuals and groups in all industries develop confidence in their communication skills, and ability to present publicly. Coaching courses are customised to the needs of the individuals/group/industry, but all courses include the basics of Voice & Speech Development, Voice Projection, Pronunciation & Accent reduction, Pace, Pause & Emphasis, and Vocal Variety and Expression. For further information email, or contact me directly on 0731440475.

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