Focus on Learning Outcomes?

Cas posted a blog on his website: Are we teaching as if print technology was never invented?

I commented on a statement in his blog: “Today teachers mostly teach the students the learning outcomes.”

I am busy with doing research on the transfer of learning from the College to the ECD workplace.  I mentioned that for the SAQA-qualifications the emphasis should be on knowledge, skills and attitudes, but this is not happening in practice.  When verification takes place the emphasis is on the learner’s portfolio of evidence.  In the portfolio there must be evidence of the application of skills, but no verification is done at the ECD sites where the learners do the practical application.  There is also no verification of what happens in the classroom.  Yes, the verifiers look at the assessor’s portfolio of evidence, but how can they ‘see’ that the assessor/ facilitator is not focusing only on the contents, but also on the transfer of learning?

There is too much emphasis on the portfolio of evidence and all the administrative matters involved in the processes.

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