Are we being too negative? 2

I read this recently and thought it was so apt in todays world:

“What you see depends on what you look for. You can enjoy the positives or seek out the negatives.

It’s up to you” Andrew Grant


The question I ask is are we being too negative in terms of our outlook on South Africa?

Is there truth in what is quoted above?

What do you think is the cause? 

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2 thoughts on “Are we being too negative?

  • Miro Bagrov

    There is just so much negative marketing, or rather negative propaganda coming in the mail.

    These steps help me a lot:

    1. Stop watching news.

    You will immediately be more positive.

    2. Next start realising your life is in your hands.

    Your negativity makes people around you avoid giving you opportunities you deserve to have because of attitude. We have more effect on our lives than recessions and bad news and bad policy. We do the best and worst to ourselves. Start doing the best.

    3. Also, stop assuming it will get worse.

    You don’t know the future. It may actually get better for you.

    “Assumption is the mother of all stuff ups.” – Australian policeman

    4. Last, it will not be easy.

    Change may be necessary on your part.

    “Hard work never killed anyone” – my grandmother

    You do not wear the same clothing you did in the ’90s. You may need to also change careers, business locations, ways of doing things too. This will require hard work.

    But ‘Change’ will not hurt much if your heart is set right and your attitude is good.