Confessions from a flipped classroom – day 5 8

The learners have all just left, full of excitement to be going home after a full week.  Many mentioned feeling mentally tired from needing to think and constantly justify their arguments and points of view – good evidence for me that they really had been applying themselves.


The day started well.  Last evening before the learners left I referred them to skills universe and the blog page, so a few had actually read it before coming to class.  (I had not wanted to refer them earlier in case in affected behaviour too much.)  The morning started with a debate on the blogs and the many comments.  The debate circled around the suitability of the flipped classroom methodology for all levels of learning and subject areas.  Some interesting observations were made and I think there was renewed appreciation for the methodology. 


The rest of the day was spent reviewing the key concepts from the week and reiterating what they needed to do for their own assessments and portfolio.  Learners clarified their understanding in groups and I am very confident that everyone understands what is required in the portfolio. 


From here the process will really be tested – will they achieve above average first time competency rates in their portfolios?  I think they will.  This group has been far more engaging and participative than any group I have ever taught on the OD ETDP learnership.  It could be that they are brighter, but I think the methodology has enhanced their critical understanding and given them far more confidence.  The use of the technology has also enhanced their knowledge and provided a platform to allow them to critique themselves (they video-ed themselves performing certain skills).


Time will tell.  The first skills programme is due in December 2013 – I’ll let you know what the results are like.  For now, the flipped classroom is closed….

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8 thoughts on “Confessions from a flipped classroom – day 5

  • Cas Olivier


    Yes there is an e-version on Amazon: @ $6.88

    Hard copies can be obtained from myself: 

    For more info on the content, see my website:


    I provide the book to learners I train as facilitators.

    My last tweet (in the form of a question) will confirm that you are doing the right things right: “Are we teaching learners the answers or are we enabling them to get to the answers themselves?”

  • karen deller Post author

    Thank you Cas.  Nice to make your acquaintance again.  I’ll look out for the book.  Is there an e-version at all as it may be a good one to give to the learners?

  • karen deller Post author

    Hi Hannes – absolutely not!  We only covered three unit stds in the five days, and the group are all experienced OD practitioners working for a big bank, so they have context already.  But i agree, no short cuts.  I will do it properly or not at all.  (we have, as i am sure you have, turned business away if clients demand too short a time period)

  • Hannes Nel

    It sound really promising. I just hope it is not the full qualification that was offered in five days. Approximately 22 unit standards in five days, worth 120 credits? Should not be done. A critical shortcoming of ETD in South Africa in general is that way too little time is allowed for student guidance and support. I really hope I am not spoiling your creative drive,Karen. Perhaps you would like to respond? JPN

  • Cas Olivier

    Karen, I am following you all the way and prediced the last day. You will find the 5 teaching methods you used and more, described in my book: “The DNA of Great Teachers” which you indeed are!

  • Celeste Maxime Lackay

    Congratulations Karen and well done! Because I have very little formal education, I am really positive in the OBE methodology. What you have accomplished – and shared with us – is nothing short of  AMAZING!

    I too believe that pre-work for all learners on an NQF 5 and above level is not only vital, but extremely beneficial in the long-run. I have heard some argue that if one gives all the material, exercises and assessments to learners before-hand that it will actually detract them from participating or even attending because they “already know what you were going to teach them anyway”. Hogwash!

    Please let this not be your last attempt and please share again. I would have given my eye-teeth to have been on this course with you this week.