Nothing has power other than your thoughts

According to Robins (1986:88)”nothing has power over me other than that which I give it trough my conscious thought. The author also quotes Shakespeare as having said “ There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking it makes it so.

This approach again suggests that the thought is the determining factor. The thought originates from the mind, the consciousness.

Thus the thought is the origin of the result. In management, visualisation is often used to achieve corporate objectives. In developing a strategic plan, management often uses a model of creating a vision for a company. This vision is in fact, no more than a vision of what the company will look like once very successful. Individuals, employees, often share this vision.

These employees all “observe” the objective. Based on their degree of compatibility with the true self, they support the vision. Every day in business people leave their jobs.

The official reasons are multiple, but once analysed they all suggest an incompatibility of the self to the vision of the organisation.

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