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I just wanna know who to contact at ceta for company accreditation? i was at ceta the other day i met this lady at receiption she could not refer me to the relevant person, i mean what is that?


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  • lucky alex nthapang Post author

    Thank you, you know i just wanna be like you and you on this field of coporate world so if i come noking on your door please open becouse you will be helping young south african boy to make a diferece in his community and country. i’ve just started my company and i was inspiered by south african businessman and woman, who play part in our economy. so i need your help so if you read this and feel like helping. please add comment

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Lucky, It is the ETQA Manager of the SETA who should have been able to assist you.  However, it is not easy for private training service provider companies to obtain accreditation for occupational programmes that fall under the QCTO – and they are no longer able to be registered with the DHET which leads to a number of problems.  Please see the discussion by Hannes on this link