“We MiND Campaign”: CDII’s Inspiration

South African rugby legend, Joost van der Westhuizen, has it !

Ex Bok Tinus Linee has it !!

Actor and novelist,David Niven, and South African Art Gallery owner, Everard Read, had it !!!!

Scott Hastings, Scotland Rugby player, and Stephen Hawking, Theoretical physicist and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge had/have it !!!!

WHAT is it ????????

Motor Neurone Disease !!!!

MND (Motor Neurone Disease) is relatively unknown in South Africa and, in fact, in Africa – that is until one of our rugby legends, Joost van der Westhuizen, was diagnosed with MND.

However, it is not just well known personalities who are diagnosed with this challenge which plays havoc with their – and their families – every day lives.

So, let us talk about CDII’s inspiration to make a difference and to commit to establishing the “We MiND” Campaign to create awareness and raise funds for sufferers from MND.

Firstly, CDII’s inspiration was not about MND but rather the process of diagnosis.

So many views are presented that it was difficult for us at CDII (Community Development Initiatives International) to decide whether our Campaign should be specific or general. We decided to focus on MND but to establish an inclusive group to allow people to share their experiences of MND/ALS, MG, MS, MD and the range of other challenging health issues.

CDII was inspired by individuals like Sheila, David, Uiltjie and their amazing group of friends and family. People who make a difference like Sandra, Colette, Estelle, Frikkie, Tilda, Sonja, Sandra and many others. The MND Association of South Africa and the J-9 (Joost van der Westhuizen) Foundation were also inspiring reference points.

CDII’s story involves a youngish man, aged 47, dedicated to his career as a Hair Stylist and part-owner of a Salon in a beautiful area in South Africa most known for its wine estates.

This man has courage and a sense of humour.

He has been in and out of Hospitals and ICU for several years as Doctors struggle to accurately diagnose and treat him. Presently, he is back in a rehab (step-down) facility after yet another few days in hospital. He is being treated for Mystemia Gravis …. Again. He has been in and out of ICU 4 times in less than a year. His job as a Hair Stylist is in jeapordy as is his business. With a limited support structure and accumulating medical bills, CDII’s inspiring Friend is not in a “good place”. His bills are accumulating and his hopes are challenged every day with new treatments and new medical tests.

Put yourself in this man’s shoes !!!!

Your career and passion and skill are at risk. Your future prospects are unclear. The few “Angels” around you have their own family and personal issues !!!

How do you best look at your future?

“Well” he says “ with a sense of humour!! I have been through so much and I am here, still fighting, and determined to ensure that I build my career and my business. The interesting thing is the people around you. I have been truly blessed by a few sincere and caring individuals who have really gone out of their way to support me. I cannot express my gratitude and indebtedness to them. “

And so the “We MiND” Campaign was born and CDII hopes that this Campaign will make a difference and create greater awareness and understanding of MG, MS, MD, MND/ALS, etc.

CDII hopes that you will share your story and support the Campaign in your areas and amongst your family, friends and support networks because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!

“It is surprising” says CDII’s inspiring storyteller “where your support and strength comes from. It is my experience that the people I trusted to always be near to me are not necessarily the ones closest to me right now. New friends have supported me and I treasure and appreciate their kindness.”

We at CDII (Community Development Initiatives International) have called our Campaign “We MiND” and would welcome support for the Campaign.

Please share this appeal for support with your friends and networks.

Check out “We MiND” Campaign: Motor-Neurone Diseases” at http://ning.it/160U7VM

Live Healthy ……….

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