Unfriending without offending


We all have that friend on Facebook – the one who clogs up your news feed with pictures of cats/their children/themselves pouting. Annoying, right?

Unfriending may seem like the simple solution – Facebook won’t notify them, after all. But what happens when they suddenly wonder why you dropped of their Facebook radar, and they check out your profile – only to see that awkward “add friend” button on the right? Dead giveaway. Whoops.

But if you don’t want the news feed-hog thinking you hate them, there’s an easier way! You can hide this person’s posts from your news feed, ridding yourself of all those irritating selfies without committing the social sin of unfriending.

Here’s what you do:

1.      Scroll down your news feed until you find a post from the culprit. (If they’re that annoying, it shouldn’t take long.)

2.      Hover your mouse over the post. A little grey arrow will appear in the top right corner – click on it and select “Hide”.

3.      The post will be replaced with the text, “This story is now hidden from your news feed.” Below that is a link that says, “Change what update you get from [insert annoying’s name here]”. Hover your mouse over this link, and a little drop-down menu will appear. You can either choose what kind of updates from that person you will see on your feed by priority (All updates, most updates, only important) or choose exactly which type of update you want to see (life events, status updates, photos, etc.) So, for instance, if it’s just those pouty selfies you want to get rid of, uncheck photos. If it’s those nausea-inducing statuses about how much they love their other half, uncheck statuses. It’s as easy as that.


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