should we name and shame fraudulent training service providers? 2

Dear all,

This is the 3rd time i am receiving a call from services seta evaluators asking me if i had an SLA with certain providers who require accreditation. It appears that providers submitted fraudulent SLAs with fake signatures and claimed i did the signing. 

I tried to google the provider linked to the call i had today but saw only a website with no contact details what so ever. i wanted to ask the provider where they got my details as i have never heard of them before.

I think it is time to name and shame these guys so they can stop such practices. am i wrong with my thinking?

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2 thoughts on “should we name and shame fraudulent training service providers?

  • Pamela Huygen

    Hi DK,

    Thank you for bringing this up.  We as training material developers experience a similar problem.  Other “developers” get hold of our material and sell it as their own.  They even go as far a faking the letter of purchase when a Seta such as TETA who is well acquainted with our material, recognizes the work and ask for a SmartScript letter.  

    I have also pondered name and shaming these people but we could be dragged to court for slander amongst other things.  I have asked myself if it is really worth our company time and money to go through what may follow if we name these people.  Also, how much damage could be done to our company name in a public dispute. 

    Maybe us honest people in this industry should petition for more safety precautions to be put in place to protect both developers and providers.

    It is so sad to see good people in this industry who try to enrich the lives of others go through unnecessary nonsense like this.  

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  • Alan Hammond

    Thanks for starting this discussion DK. If someone has done something fraudulent it shouldn’t be ignored. I think they must be reported to the police.